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Fan shaped packing machine for cake

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Our fan-shaped packing machine is the equipment that folds the mouth to the

fan shape and automatically binds using strings when vegetable, greens and

food are taken in a plastic packaging bag and put into the package machine,

and it is widely used for packing fresh foods.





In particular, it is widely used for the package as below:


Vegetables: Potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, sweet potatoes,

                     bean sprouts and dried vegetables

Fruits: Apples, tangerines, melons and other fruits

Seafood: Laver, shellfishes and other dried products

Confectionary: Candy, confectionary of small packaging

Others: Packaging of dried products and industrial products




Agricultural products processing companies

Agricultural products manufacturing companies

Agricultural products distributors or shops

Farms that want small package

All users that want simple bundle package



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